Public with email not working properly

Hi, I am using Public with email. I send link on whatsapp and when someone uses the link, submits their email (eg., gets the Pin on their email, submits the Pin - then the App screen shows an email on the screen and that email id is not the same as one used to get the Pin. It shows something like ( Why is that so? Ideally it should show the emial id used to get the Pin ie 1234.
Is it a bug?
If not then how can I hide the fake email id and show a banner saying to update profile by clicking the edit button on the upper right hand side?

Look for the following under Settings -> Privacy:

The default setting is to hide user email addresses.

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This is a security feature to prevent exposure of user emails to the developer.

Read up on the best security practices here.

Thanks Darren. Got it!

Thanks Jeff

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