Sharing issues

My app’s URL: private

I created a button “share this article”, as other mentioned, it works only on the mobile device, which is ok. But I see 2 problems:

  1. After I click on the share button once, I can’t click on it anymore. That looks like a bug. I am on iPhone 11. Even if I move to another item, I still can’t click on share button anymore. This self corrects after a while, maybe after the app was updated.

  2. The URL that is created for sharing is kind of ridiculous. Surely the dev team can create a shortening URL built in? See attached to how the URL looks like.

@david bug for you?

Any idea about the fact that I can’t share more than once?

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Hi, you can wrap the link inside a rich text component as a single line text. checkout for a demo on deep links with rich text component. However, I am not sure if this is officially supported by Glide. All I know is it works seamlessly on iphones!

There is web view demo in Ch.10 but that only works on the dashboard (so nothing too exiting there)

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Thank you, I’ll check it out! What about the sharing button not working after one use? Did you have this problem?

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Yes, because the sharing button was giving me this problem I resorted markdown linking.

Sorry - Ch 12

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Hello @david can you verify this is a bug? The sharing button works only ONCE, then I can’t click on it anymore. I’m using iPhone 11. Are you working on a fix?