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Hey Glide Community,
Maybe we could do a UNIQUE post with all our website, with this we could see and explore all the creativity of our community.
You should all respond to this post with the link of your Glidewebsite :wink:



Hey @Stanislas_Verjus and Glide Members!

I launched Maphero few weeks ago. Here is my landing page and my app.

Idea is to allow the community to share and discover the restaurants, bars and party near our location. Pro tips: I added an email notification to inform all community members that a new bar or restaurant has just been added by a community member.

Next steps:

  • add a horizontal and vertical listing on the same tab. I don’t checked how it works right now.
  • be able to automatically share new restaurants, bars and parties on social networks.

I’m very curious to discover your apps and feel free to give me a feedback about Maphero :slight_smile:



hi @Corentin_Robert ! it’s a nice app! if i may suggest something… don’t make the users email visible for everyone, since you don’t have their consent to do that. i personally don’t like the idea of having my email exposed to anyone in your app’s community. other than that it’s cool, and i liked seeing some of portugal’s beautiful places listed!


Hi @filipa. Thank you for your very positive feedback, I just deleted the public visibility of your email address on the application.

Big Updates :tada:

  • App is finally translated into English (it was previously written in French)
  • I’ve fixed sheet formulas (arrayformula) so that the “community” page no longer disappears as soon as a new member registers. Thanks @arjun for your help!
  • Each new user now receives a welcome email with important information about Maphero and how it works.
  • Each time a user recommends bar or restaurant on the application, the information is immediatly relayed on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • The burger menu has been modified and the support, FAQ, terms and about sections now appear.
  • I’ve FINALLY determined my business model by proposing Maphero PRO ($5.99/month): the possibility to receive weekly news about restaurants / bars / parties next to you and get exclusive discounts directly from email or sms. 10% of the funds are donated to an association:

What’s next? :thinking:

  • Create referral program and get Maphero PRO for free during 6 months.
  • Create category for restaurant, bars and activities in order to better sort the elements. It might be difficult to find your way around if many users add places
  • I hesitate to delete the “party” tab to replace by “+” that would add user information when they want recommand place or activity;
  • and many other ideas… :slight_smile:

What do you think of the application? Try Maphero HERE

I am very interested in your feedback and you can send it to me by email:


Interesting! How do you convey recos to Facebook, Twitter and so on?

@Christophe_HK using Zapier and connecting my spreadsheet to Facebook, Twitter… I bought Zapier “Starter Pack” ($19.99)

Explanation attached HERE. :+1:


@Corentin_Robert : many thanks, Crystal clear! :+1:t2:

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Nice app

E-mails are sent also via zapier??

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Hey, @Gerard_Fernandez,

Thanks for support!

  • Welcome email are sent from Zapier.
  • Email notifications are sent from a macro spreadsheet translated as : “every time a restaurant/bar is added, an email is sent to all community members”… this feature is currently disabled because many users have unsubscribed. What do you think about? :slight_smile:

Update: I’ve created a referral program to give you the possibility to invite easily two friends and try Maphero PRO free during 3 months!


Can you explain how you made the refer program send a email to you?

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Hey ! Sorry for late replay, I used Zapier to send email for referral program.