A restaurant directory + local deals app

Hey guys, here’s an app I’ve spent the last few months building. The price to get this built by some local app developers was VERY high so we took the decision to build it ourselves on Glide.

The plan is to get this onto the App store which I know Glide doesn’t necessarily support but I know it is possible. Would be great to hear feedback on the app!

Open to feedback! My main issues at the moment:

  1. App speed. The app images take around 16 seconds to load when you open the app and that’s not quick enough, I’m trying to figure out how to improve this but if anyone has any ideas, let me know!

In general the app loads / reacts too slow as you use it. I need to get this fixed.

  1. The map seems to put locations in places they don’t belong (often America), is there a specific address format I should be using to stop this happening?

  2. The images on the restaurant pages are either square or 1:1 which is too long. I want them all to be a uniform 4:5 dimensions. Is there a way to do this with code?

Overall, I’m really happy with how the app looks and feels. Once I fix those remaining issues I’ll be set.

Here’s my analytics on page speed. Reducing unused JavaScript appears to be something I could do which would massively help. Does anyone know how to do this?

Where are your images stored? If they’re stored anywhere other than Glide, that could explain the slow loading.

You’ll get best results with this if you use lat/long coordinates rather than street addresses.

When using an image component, you should try and match your image to the selected aspect ratio (1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 3:1). If you want something custom, then the next best option might be HTML tags inside a Rich Text component.

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Thanks @Darren_Murphy!

The images are stored in Glide, for example (https://storage.googleapis.com/glide-prod.appspot.com/uploads-v2/Rg3pMpDTTiV1lovavt26/pub/yfhL7kLnOXVP8sczT2so.jpg) - Maybe I need to compress them?

Re: Lattitude + Longitude, that is helpful, thanks. The only issue with that is the address is also visible by the user and the actual address is a lot more useful for them to have than coordinates. Maybe there’s a way to combine the two, I’ll keep messing about with this.

Will look into HTML tags inside a rich text component, thank you.

I don’t think you’re issue with the app loading speed has anything to do with images, it has to do with Glide loading. I have tested this and given feedback. Others have also said that new apps take > 10 seconds to load. You can test it yourself by creating a blank app and testing the loading speed. It is a big challenge which I have now raised in many places and still don’t have a clear answer on when this is going to be resolved.

Okay, that should be fine. There should be no need to compress images, as Glide optimises images using Cloudinary.

As @Erwin_Potgieter pointed out, your slow loading might be related to issues that he (and some other users) have been having. I don’t have a good answer for that. We’ve been told that Glide are looking into the issue, but that’s as much as we know.

Ahh… that’s not good. Thanks for your help though Darren

Is this built on the old Apps platform? Curious if speed is affecting old vs new Apps differently.

How do I check Joe? Possibly. I started it last October

I believe in your App Dashboard it will have a label called Classic App.

Based on the image with a Hearts overlay, it looked like a Classic App.

Not sure if Erwin had an issue using Classic or Glide Apps or both.