Glide's biggest problem

Glide is great and I honestly think it is the best platform for making nocode apps. But, if I don’t understand something, it’s because “Glide” delisliza so badly. I am referring to the graphic fluidity when it comes to moving around the interface.

I am not referring to the loading time of images or the opening of the app. NOT

I mean when I slide my finger to scroll through my app and any other that already has a certain amount of images and components.

(This happens mostly on Android)

Why does that happen?
I take into account that it is a web page that works like an app, yes. But this makes it very difficult when it comes to wanting to carry out large-scale projects and wanting to fuse design with functionality.

Why is this happening?
It can be fixed?
Is the Glide team aware of this?
Will they do something about it?

Greetings to all!

What did you mean here?

To the fluidity that the app has when moving through the interface.

Example: I enter an inline list and it takes 0.5 / 1.0 seconds to transition

I mean graphic and visual fluency.


how big are the images? maybe try to replace them with below 200Kb… they will still look good in the app, but much faster loading.


That’s what I’ve been spending my time on lately. The images that weigh the most are not even 1mb.

I think the problem is Glide fluidity.

Is it lag of entire screens or of specific components?

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i dont have problem with lists with less than 50 images below 200kb on my network speed…
issues most of the time comes from network speed, size and number of images…

Whole screens.

So … Do you recommend reducing the size of the images to the maximum?

it should help… use more specific filters to limit number of showing images… but after first load… there should be no more problems on the device
Is it happening all the time or only first time run? Images are uploaded to glide or from some other source ?

Normally Glide’s backend already compresses and resizes images to optimize their display. Perhaps it won’t hurt if you do your utmost to optimize the images as well?

You might also want to look into your data.

It’s been discussed here:


you can check this SAMPLE
it has a 240 images list… let me know if same problems? @Jorge_Hernandez


Hola @Jorge_Hernandez

Have you tested your app performance without CSS?

CSS is not supported in Glide, could this be part of your problem??

Yes Santiago. I thought about that a while ago and have tested the app in both situations and came to the conclusion that that’s not the problem.

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Are the pictures in my sample behaves the same or better?

They behave better, that without a doubt, but the scrolling to the touch still does not match or approach a common web

So it might be something with your phone or network, i dont have any lag at all

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May you share your APP link in order to see/test your problem?