The performance issue on Android needs to be fixed

A while ago I mentioned the problem of fluency in Glide apps. These score low at:

And they go quite slow on android devices. Even in the mid-range.

Is Glide aware of this problem?

s, and my clients today. How could we improve this?

Where in the world are you? This looks like a network issue.

Also, “Android” is too wide – which Android OS? Which devices?


This problem exists on mid-range devices, and even if the app has many images, the app has poor performance. Even if the images are optimized by the developer and being uploaded directly from Glide.

It is not a network problem. It is a performance issue. I invite you to take a test on any app made in Glide at: PageSpeed Insights
and you will see that they all have low scores.

May I have one of your app URLs to test?

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Of course. Although I insist, the app has perfect performance on browsers or IOS devices. This is a problem that only happens on ALL Android devices.
(devices that we already know are not optimized in the best way)

I also repeat that this happens with all apps made in Glide that have a (medium) amount of on-screen components shown to the user. It doesn’t just happen with my app.

To also rule out that it is due to my internet. I am sending you a screenshot showing that my internet is good enough to load perfectly with any web page.


Your speed test is not running against our servers.

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Despite not being run on their servers I think it is fast enough not to have problems.

I insist again: * The problem is not of load the problem is clearly of “Fluency” and “Performance”

We know exactly what the problems are, and the magnitude of the problems is determined mostly by your distance from our servers.

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So you say the problem is due to the distance from the server?
For example: Changing tabs and making it look slow is due to that?

It’s hard to tell the CEO of Glide that I don’t think that’s the problem, but I assure you, sir, that’s not the source of the problem I’m talking about.

I’m taking about the speed report you showed. That does not have tab change speed in it.

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Okay. Then he had misunderstood. I am very grateful that you are the one who responds to this type of problem and I hope that your team will look at it since it is a latent problem and is a source of almost DAILY complaints that I receive from my clients and users.

Greetings, David.

If there is news, I would appreciate it if you could communicate it in this post.

Are there updates on the subject? @david