Performance on Android needs to be fixed

I have talked about this issue a couple of times but I see it necessary to do it again since the problem persists.

The Android performance of Glide apps is very bad. Terrible (even on non-low-end devices).

Every week I receive complaints from my clients and users about this and it is uncomfortable not being able to give a specific answer about which and why this happens.

I would recommend to the Glide team to see the statistics of any moderately worked app in the following tool:

You will notice that Glide apps perform dramatically worse than even just any page.

Glide is amazing and I don’t want to stop using it but I would like a concrete answer about this.


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Some questions/suggestions. The larger the app’s db, the slowest it’ll be, like any website.

1.- How large is your app?
2.- Are you loading a lot of inline lists on the home page/tab?
3.- How many rows does the table in your home tab has?
4.- Have you optimized images?


I have optimized the images.
I only have a little over 400 rows
I only have 4 “inline lists” in my startup
And I have a quantity of 11 sheets / tables in my app.

But that’s not the problem. The problem is that Glide is poorly optimized.

I invite you to enter the link that I attached in the post and put the link of any Glide app (regardless of its size or magnitude) and then compare it with any other page that comes to mind (which is obviously not made in Glide)

I do confirm. My app have 140 raws and the score is low 28 vs 70 for

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If your app has a score of 28 on cell phones, you should feel lucky.