Feedback Welcomed!- APP TESTING for Hospitality Resource

Hi Everyone!

This one took me two weeks, but I think it’s finally completed!
First off, I want to thank the Glide Community for all your help with my million questions, especially @Coupons_Deal @Manan_Mehta @Jeff_Hager @ThinhDinh!! :grinning:

This was a database which I already created on my site, but it wasn’t working well in a few aspects, so thought it was time to look for something else, It’s unfortunate I didn’t find Glide before, as I did a thorough search on how I can link google sheets to a database almost 2 months ago and Glide never came up. Almost giving up, I’m very happy I found this after my most recent search.

Anywho…onto the app! I created an app called ‘NYC Hospitality Resource’ it lists restaurants, bars, cafes, wine shops, and other businesses located in NYC. I started collecting data back in April after seeing how these businesses were suffering, but also how there were New Yorkers who wanted to support and help. So why not create something which benefits both parties. In addition to basic details such as name, category, address, and neighborhood, the directory also lists how you can support each business through their frontline worker programs or employee fundraisers.

Key Parts of App (these took me to longest to figure out, again with the help of @Coupons_Deal and @Manan_Mehta, so ask them if you want more clarification, :slightly_smiling_face:)

  • Filtered Search. You can search each business by neighborhood, category, black-owned, serving alcohol, and outdoor seating.
  • Business Login. Towards the bottom of the homepage, is where businesses can log in with their email address and password which I gave to them beforehand, to view their businesses and make edits to their directory listing via a google form.

Feature Requests (these would’ve made this process a lot easier)

  • Multi-Search In-App Filter. Pretty much like the current in-app filter, but you can search multiple columns at once, and it can be added to a tab, so possibly made in a style.
  • Public App with sign-in as a whitelist AND password. This will do pretty much what I have set up in the app now.
  • Option to hide the sign-in button in the side menu and still have user profiles set up.
  • Search by a single column. For my directory, I would like for the search bar to only look within the ‘Name of Business’ column, but it looks at the entire sheet.

Question: When my app is undergoing changes. I will test them out on a copy of my app first then apply them to the live app. As not to disturb my users, I created another maintenance app that is linked to a single sheet. When I swap the links, it tells me that one is taken, which is true. My question is, after making my changes should I name this app joyous-form-123 for a second while I change the maintenance back to its maintenance URL, then add the 4 to make the live app complete again as joyous-form-1234? I should also note this will be a pro app and custom domain. I will actually be moving it over to maintenance mode at 9pm EST today, so come back to the app URL if you want to see that! :slight_smile:

OK here’s the link!

Would love any feedback you have to give, in regards to usability, readability, etc.
Thank you!


Great job!

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Great :clap: :clap: :partying_face: :partying_face:… I will check the app and provide my comments.