Help for a Newbie

I would like to have a web based app that would allow me to do this:

I have one Google Sheet with career resources and college resources.
I would like to have a user choose one of those two options and then have the app filter by user type: student, parent, educator.
Thus giving the user the resources that are best suited for their use.
I am struggling with how to set it up.

Create a sheet (“Resources”) with all resources in their own rows. Include a column for type (career/college) and another for user (st, pa, ed).

Create a second sheet (“Types”) with just the two resource types on their own rows. Feel free to add columns for description and icon.

In Glide, navigate to the data editor and go to the “Types” table. Create a MULTIPLE relation (“rel_resource”) that links the type name with the resource type in the “Resources” table. It is case sensitive.

Next, in Glide, create a new tab that points to the “Types” table. Now, navigate to the layout view and choose a list/tile/card layout. You should see two entries: Career and College. Click on one of them and add an inline list component that points to the “rel_resource” relation you created. You should now see all the resources for that type. Lastly, click on the inline list component and add an in-app filter (within the features tab) that points to the User type.


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Wow Robert…

Thank you. I will try this tomorrow when I am fresh. I will let you know.

I am super appreciative of your clear explanations.


Good Morning Robert,

How do I add a second sheet into my existing work?

Here is what I have done so far.


Hi Sandy. That link isn’t the share link to your app so I can’t see what it is you’re referencing. Are you asking how to add a second sheet to the Google Sheet or a second tab to the app?

How do I share my app?

Press the blue share button in the builder, publish the app, and then send the link it generates.

I think I am getting closer… your instructions are helpful but I still don’t have what I was hoping for.


I really want this to work.

You’re close! It looks like the types tab is still pulling all values. I assume you have an inline list after selecting a type (college/career)? Make sure that inline list is referencing the RELATION, not the SHEET (when selecting the source for the inline list, the icon should be a grey box with an arrow, not the green sheet).

If you’re not seeing (or haven’t created) the relation value, then check my instructions about the “rel_resource”

Okay… I have my career and college separated… I have my student, parent, educator user on tabs…

How do I select career and then select educator and have just those resources show up?

I can’t believe I found the inline list section.

My technology skills are not superior…

Thanks Robert…


Hi Sandye,

Let’s chat tomorrow. Until then, make your app copiable (located in privacy/sign in settings) and I’ll take a look at it tonight!if I can.

You’re a lifesaver… thank you.

Okay Robert… I think I did it.

This was a professional goal for me to make this work.

I appreciate your patience.

Thanks again~


Hi @Sandye_Cox

Make a copy of this app:

Use the spreadsheet that gets generated as your new one.

Hi Robert…

Thank you for getting that fixed. When I open the app, it only gives me the option to share, not copy.



Try now :wink:

Yes… it let me that time. Do you think I should delete my attempt?


Either that or replicate what I’ve done for you.

Oh no, I think I am going to keep yours.

I will work on the welcome page and if you don’t mind…can I send it to you for your thoughts?

If I ever need to add to this… I just go to the data home page and add at the bottom with all the correct columns completed?