Share only a table on google sheet

Hi everybody!
i need to share only one sheet of my google sheet to one person. ( this person has to import all the data in that specifit sheet but i don’t want to allowed him to see all the app data in the other sheet)
any ideas ?

I think I would create a separate Google Sheet and use =importrange().

If the person can input the data via a form (row by row, no bulk upload here), you could also create a form in your Glide app.

You could use visible conditions on the tabs in the app.
If its an Email sign-in app, and its just one person, then exclude his email from all the other tabs using visible condition.
you could even set a “role” in your Users sheet and and assign it to this specific user and then use it a a visible condition on your app tabs.

the person want to write on a google sheet cause he has to write lot of row

thank you, il will try with import function cause the person ha to load lot of row so he prefere to do it from the sheet and not from the app

In that case I would create a separate Google Sheet and use =importrange().

now it works. thank you a lot

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