Give partial access to the spreadsheet through importrange RESUELTO

First, I apologize if this is not the place.
I am starting with simple applications.
the majority works as a showcase. where the end customer sees the product and the price.
I live in Argentina, and unfortunately prices vary weekly / biweekly.
I need to give my client who owns the store access to only a partial part of the spreadsheet where I have the products and prices hosted.
the idea that from another sheet modify these values without having to give him access to the main sheet.
I was reading and did not find this specifically.
Using importrange for what I understood would not work since the information flow is one way to the leaf that would be outside Glide.
I hope I have expressed myself well.
Thank you for your advices

I have and am currently using importrange to pass data back and forth between separate google sheets. I plan to bring it all back into one sheet once I clean some things up, but it seems to be working for the most part. The only thing is you are not guaranteed to have the information updated instantly within Glide once your main sheet pulls in the data from the second sheet and some say this doesn’t work when the sheet is closed, but I’m not completely sure. I would say it’s potentially possible.

Would it be better to grant authority to your client to update the values within the app? Maybe show an entry field for them only and a basic text component to show the price for everybody else? Then updates would be instant and you wouldn’t need a second sheet or have them access a spreadsheet at all.

Thanks for your time. I currently have a client with 450 products and will include more. So it was simpler through a sheet that duplicated only the information that he could change. I have given access and it always ends with some problem.
I will try what you say. I have to see how to make it work- I live in Argentina and price changes are frequent.

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Hi Tuttografica.

In addition to Jeff’s recommendation, how would an additional column of TRUE/FALSE value work for you?

Add one in your sheet, then check TRUE only for products that you want your client to access. Setup the app to only display those (through the filter), then give the client a entry field to edit them.

@ ThinhDinh Thank you, I will have it in mind.

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Hola @Tuttografica

Maybe you could use Query(Importrange()) functions to have more options and flexibility when you read your data along with other tips indicated above.

Here I talked about this if you want to test:


Hello everyone. Thanks for your time.
I fixed it as follows. I wanted something simple because of the number of items and the number of times prices have to change.
I shared the google sheet with him and blocked all the other fields, leaving him only the price field to edit.
If it doesn’t update automatically, that is a possibility. I just go in to Glide and give him to reload the form.