How to share only user inputted data from user profile

Does anyone ever create apps for people who desire to have the basic data for users who are signing up or registering for an event? How do you offer only that to them?

The user profile has so much other data. How do you offer that to those who would want a spread sheet that would offer the basic data submitted by users, minus the other app columns?

Do you mean they should be able to download those specific columns only?

If that’s the case, I’m thinking of a new sheet and use a query column or an array formula to extract only the relevant columns out, then construct a URL to allow people to download that.

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Ya…similar answer…you could have your event registrants create a “public profile” in a separate table from the user profile table that only contains the data you’d want them to see.

Allow them to access that data via the app or provide a way for them to download the data via webhook automation.


I was thinking constructing a sheet download URL directly for them, then use the “Open link” action in a button.

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:pray:t5:Thank you so much for the suggestions. I am going to try them out. Much appreciated!

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Let us know if it works!

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I FIGURED OUT HOW I COULD DO IT!!! Some of the resources I was reading kept saying that Google sheets seemed to have changed, so I tried something else. I would like to share what I did…

I remembered one of you all showing me how to unhide a Sales page in Google sheets. I decided to try to make a copy of the Users inputted data that way. I opened a new sheet and replaced the “={‘App: Sales’!A:AA}” with the info from my current sheet “={‘Participants’!B:Q}”. Only the data from those columns showed up, which was only user inputted data.

Next, I hid the other pages. They are still accessible to me, of course, and I understand that it doesn’t protect them or prevent others from making a copy of the sheet that makes the other parts of the sheet accessible either… but it won’t affect the app. And It is definitely more of an out-of-sight out-of-mind thing. I set it to “View only” mode for sharing the Google Sheet as well so they can see the names of the pages if they look at the list. They can also download that sheet and manipulate it however they want to. They will be able to see the participant info as they sign up and they will not be dependent on me for that information about sign ups because they will have the same access to data that I do and it will be current and up-to-date.

The shared Google Sheet offered only the input data, just as I wanted. :raised_hands:t5:


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