How to provide users with live access to form submissions in Google sheet?

Hi all -

I need to be able to provide my users with access to their data. Right now, users submit a form on my app and those form submissions go in to my app’s google sheet.

I can’t give individual users access to that google sheet as it will show them the form submissions of all other users. I know how to filter this WITHIN glide. But I need a way to for a user to also see this in a google sheet.

Any suggestions?

A few ideas:

  • Set up some scripting to split the data into separate spreadsheets.
  • Set up multiple sheets with ImportRange to pull in data from the main sheet.
  • Set up something with Zapier to update and populate multiple sheets.

Grant access to each user’s own spreadsheet.

Could the filter view per signed in user work here?
I am not sure of your privacy settings but something similar to Glides “user profile” video seems like it could work. Maybe setting up a relation / inline list of users email address to the form response sheet and “special value” grab their email address.

In my understanding this would pull just their responses but I am not 100% sure.

He wants users to see their results in an actual spreadsheet instead of the app. Otherwise you are correct regarding per user data and filtering.

i have often failured Glide access to my picture address in Google sheet…

If all they need is view rights, once he figures out how he will format individual reports for users, he could publish the report tab as html and host it in an iframe on google sites. The would keep people out of the spreadsheet.

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