Shadows instead of Words

My app’s URL:

Users are seeing rectangular shadows instead of words on many of my links on the My Responsibility page

See screenshot



Are you pointing to an empty column for that link component?

Each link is active. On my phone, it starts out as that gray shadow box and then becomes the words. For my users, it doesn’t change to words.

Can you temporarily allow access so we can try out the tab in question? What link are you pointing to in that component?

One sec

Go ahead

It’s the My Responsibility tab

Then A B or C

I have just signed in with and it shows a blank screen to me. Do you have any further visibility settings?

one sec

Okay. You should see it now

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It does take a while to load but it shows for me.

It’s the A, B, and C tabs that give some users trouble

Would a bad wifi connection keep it from populating?

I guess I’m asking why does it take so long to load? My guess is that’s related to some folks not being able to see anything but long, gray shadow recctangles.

I suspect it’s the destination website that causes the delay. I think Glide would need to load the site first, then take the URL to display on the app. Your link on that component takes much longer to load for me.

I can see the links in A, B and C normally.

Most of those are Google Docs links. Any suggestions on how I can cut the delay or solve this issue for those select users having problems?

Again, this is a problem for some users, not for most.

I’m not entirely sure, probably it has to do with the Internet connection quality. Would you consider using a button and set an open link action instead?

Buttons instead of links? I’ll try that.

Much appreciated.

My spreadsheet isn’t setup to support buttons. It uses the http hyperlink as the name for the button (not just for the target).

I’ll keep trying

Yeah I was thinking you can use buttons to not show the delay in loading the link’s URL. You can just setup a button, set the action to Open Link and use yoru destination link for each button.