Setting destination for one form changes destination for all forms

I can’t make the form destinations on different app tabs go to different sheets; when I set the destination for one form on one tab it automatically changes the destination for other forms on other tabs.

I have multiple tabs, and I want users to be able to add items to each tab on the app. (each tab on the app corresponds to a specific sheet in a google sheet) so I have enabled “allow users to add new items” to the collection on each tab.

When I go to the “add” form on tab A, the destination for the form is sheet A, but then the destination for forms on other tabs automatically changes to sheet A as well.
If I then go to tab B and set the destination of that “add” form to sheet B, when I return to tab A the form destination on tab A is now sheet B.

Can you send over some screenshots on how you’re setting things up, or possibly a Loom recording? I have a hunch you might have tried to duplicate the collections earlier and it’s all pointing to the same action.

You were right, I had inadvertently duplicated the collections; all it took to resolve the issue was to delete the collection and then create a new one. Thank you so much for your help!!!

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Yes, please note that the behaviour now is when you duplicate a collection, the actions tied to it will not be duplicated, but kept the same, as shown in the newly available Actions dashboard. If you want to duplicate an action, duplicate it in the Actions dashboard, and then point the component’s action to it.


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