Form Source VS. Destination

I have a Form that functions as a survey. The Survey has its own spreadsheet containing the form questions and answers. The survey will sometimes change, and depending on who is logged in, there may be a different survey loaded for them verses another user. Once the survey is complete, it needs to be appended onto another spreadsheet called “Sample Data”
In the classic apps I accomplished this by having a spreadsheet for each question of the form listing the answers, and the answers were added to columns in the sample data sheet. I need my user to be able to submit to me a spreadsheet with their requested form questions and answers, which change periodically. Since the new version of glide came out, I cant figure out how to have form answers go to the correct destination.
Here you can see the Survey source is being listed as “Destination” in order to have the app load the questions and answers properly.
Screenshot 2024-07-01 11.00.14 AM
Here is the survey format currently

here is how the form is loading up that Survey sheet

I need the answers to the form to be saved in the columns at the end of “Sample Data” sheet

Screenshot 2024-07-01 11.00.53 AM

Here are the columns where those answers go within “Sample Data”

I tried using the Additional Columns option, but even though it allows me to select the destination columns from “Sample Data” It doesn’t actually write to those columns. I gave a long amount of time for the data to load but it never did populate.

When you say the “spreadsheet containing the form questions”, what do you mean? Do you mean options for the users to choose? Or you’re actually storing questions in there?

Based on what you have here, I lean towards the fact you’re storing the options, but would need you to confirm that.

I’m not sure what you mean by “correct destination”. Since you are already being able to pinpoint where to choose the correct destination table, what’s your actual problem? Maybe the fact that you set it up like this?


This is for “default” columns, whilst you actually might want to have entry components in your form container writing to those columns instead.