Page break for longer forms

I’m building an app that will display a lengthy survey to users (20+ questions, some multiple choice, some text, etc.). It would be great if there was a way to separate the questions onto different “pages” of the app so that it presented nicer to the end user.

It may be possible to create a sheet for each question, then create separate forms for each question. In my spreadsheet, I would then create a “bundled sheet” that takes all the values from the other sheets and puts them on the same line (for data collection/tallying afterwards).

Can anyone think of a better way to accomplish this? Ideally, Glide’s Form function could eventually add the ability to put columns on separate pages of the app and add Next/Previous buttons for navigation.

Edit: I just experimented a bit with doing a separate “Form” for each question, with a form button under each question, but it’s very clunky. The user has to hit the Submit button to first log their first answer, then hit the Next button to get to the next question. Failing to hit the submit button (which I can totally see happening) leads to answers not getting transferred to the sheet.\

Edit2: Another workaround is using the new Visibility settings — if q1 is not empty, show q2. The issue arises when a question on the survey is optional (may have an empty response). The workaround for this would be to provide a “prefer not to answer” option.

I suppose you could get creative with a checkbox. Label the checkbox “Next”. When true, hide questions and that checkbox, then show a new set of questions and a next checkbox. Not sure if that would help if you ever wanted to go back to a previous question.

Yeah that makes sense, just overall not the experience I was imagining in my head. I’ve created a few questions using the Visibility feature which isn’t a bad UX. I’m not sure how nicely it will look once all 20 questions are loaded up, but this seems like the best way to currently do this without relying on the user the click a box and/or avoid the Submit button until completed.

Another option is to use Google Forms. It’s obviously not Glide but it is a Google product and writes the results to a spreadsheet of your choice. So you can point it to your Glide app spreadsheet and process the results any way you want to in Glide. I works great on a mobile device and you have the full power of validation, branching based on answers and a bunch of other things. You can do some customization of the interface colors to make it look close to your color schema you use in Glide. You would just link to the form.

Hmm that definitely seems like a good option. Glide doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel when Google Forms already does a good job. The disadvantage is that the link would load outside the app, which makes the “app” all but pointless. But maybe it is anyway! Haha

If that is the only survey you are using then yeah, maybe Glide is not needed. If you have a group of them then you could use glide to link to each one and have them all in one place.

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