Create forms like typeform?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create a form similar to the UI on Typeform.

They enable display of just 1 or 2 questions on the screen at the time if you wish.

I’ve got 20 questions, and don’t want a big long form screen.

When I create separate form screens, it adds the answers to different rows.

Does anyone know how to separate my 20 question fields onto, say, 4 screens of 5 questions each, whilst having the answers sent to the same row?


Glide provides a standard template for a multi-step form. Take a look at that.

CleanShot 2023-12-29 at 19.41.08@2x

Note: I would recommend studying it to learn and understand how it works before trying to implement or customise it.

I should note that the multi-step form is essentially a Custom Form. If you prefer something a little more standard, then what you could do is group your questions into containers in a single form screen, and then use visibility conditions to hide/show containers.