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Bonjour à tous,
Je cherche à mettre en place un bouton RESET que me permettrait de réattribuer des valeurs à certaines cellules.
Est-il possible de rendre une cellule vierge (blank) ? Je parviens facilement à remettre à 0 mais le chiffre 0 me pose problème par rapport aux différentes formules du projet (Livescore tennis).
Une astuce ?
merci d’avance,

Hello everyone,
I am looking to set up a RESET button that would allow me to reassign values ​​to certain cells.
Is it possible to make a blank cell? I easily manage to reset to 0 but the number 0 poses a problem for me compared to the different formulas of the project (Livescore tennis).
A tip?
thanks in advance,

Yes you could do that with the Action Set Column Values → Clear Value.

I would recommend to start with a custom action and then from there same thing… Set Column Values → Clear Value.

Awesome :slight_smile:
I take this opportunity to ask another question :slight_smile:
When I add a new match from the app, a new line is automatically created on my Sheet BUT this new line does not have the formulas of the previous ones …
So a lot of info is missing: /
Any idea to keep the formulas when adding rows to Sheet? On Excel it’s simple we can convert a set of cells into TABLE but I can’t find how to do it on Sheet.
Thanks thanks thanks :slight_smile:

For that you should use arrayformula.

What type of formulas are you using? Perhaps there is a better way to do those calculations inside Glide instead of Google Sheets.

Thank you. Here is a screenshot with an example of formula.
Columns BCIJQ are all 6 formulas.


Pour cela, il faut utiliser un “arrayformula” :

Merci Alexis, je sais que je dois passer par là mais j’ai beau transformé mes formules (qd j’y arrive car pour certaine ça bloque) mais ça ne veut pas. C’est fou l’array fonctionne et d’une cellule toutes s’autoremplissent mais quand je crée une nouvelle ligne (soit en ajoutant depuis l’app Glide sur laquelle je bosse - soit directement en insérant sous Sheet) … nada :confused:

Tu peux nous mettre une copie de ta Google Sheet?


I understand that you want to create a filter where if the date is today then yes, else no?

If so, you can do that in Glide with an If-Then-Else.

Thank you Santiago? Nope the formula is ok and works great.
I have an arrayformula issue then. I have 6 columns with formula but I am desperate to make them automatic so when I send a new input through the app (or insert new lines in Sheet) the formulas are still there so everything works fine…
But I am stucked :confused: Cheers, Lionel

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my Sheet copy

All formulas are back to original as I haven’t succeed with the arrayformula until now…

What a few of us are pointing out is that you can perform this functionality directly within glide. It will be much easier and much quicker as I point out in this other post from earlier today.

Trying to use formulas in google sheets adds a lot of unnecessary complication unless you absolutely need those formula driven values to be in the google sheet for uses outside of the app. From the looks of what you are trying to do, your formulas appear to be very basic, so would be very easy to accomplish with built in glide functionality. It’s definitely worth the simplicity and the instant speed results compared to waiting for the google sheet to update and sync back to glide.

Arrayformulas in the google sheet are fine, but it will create lag in your app and require you to make sure that you delete all empty rows in the sheet for it to work properly.


Thank you. Ok I am ready to do that but is it really easy to migrate everything or will I have to rebuild the entire app? I am a bit afraid because of the time I have spent already on the app !

All you do is create the additional columns within glide in the same sheet, then change your components to use those new columns. That should be it. Once you are comfortable that everything works, then you can delete those unused formula columns in your google sheet.

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Ok I will have a serious look at it then :slight_smile:


Tu peux tester ?

Non pas pu m’y mettre et je ne sais pas par quel bout le prendre. Je ne sais pourquoi mais ça me parait super compliqué! Je ne vois comment mes cellules concatener par ex afin de pouvoir afficher un certain nombre d’infos visées vont pouvoir fonctionner si je passe uniquement par Glide… Et je vais raccrocher l’ordi pour ce soir si je ne veux pas divorcer :)))))

Ohhhh j’avais pas vu que tu avais joué sur la copie ! je vais regarder ça tout de suite :slight_smile:

Every formula you have is pretty much the equivalent of an IF column or a Template column in glide.

Thank you Jeff - I will take the time to understand how Glide works by itself :wink:

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