Set Column Value - Makes new row instead of updating

I’m making an app where a work order’s status can be updated using a form screen. I have two ‘choice’ components, work orders and status. When i click submit a new row is created vs. updating the row with the work order. How do I get the form to update vs. create a new?

A form will always add a new row, that is what it is for. If you want to allow users to edit items, then enable editing.

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How can i trigger a push notification from a simple edit of an item?

If you are using an Edit Form to make changes, you should have the ‘On Submit’ option where you can add a Notification action.


I added a form container to the details page with a choice component to update the status in the work order table. Everything is working correctly with the notifications except that it adds a new line in the work order table instead of updating it.

A form container will always add a new row, so don’t use that.

Just enable editing, or add a button and assign a Show Edit Screen action to it.


Thank you Darren. I’ve done this and it edits only the row when i click submit ont he edit screen. I wish there was a way to add an action to that edit screen that sends out a push notification when i hit submit. I just added another button besides the “edit status” button that says “send notification” to do this.

You should be able to create an onSubmit action on your Edit screen to send the notification.

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