🚀 Set Column Action: Alter a DIFFERENT SHEET'S VALUES!

Just a simple relation, no look up. Essentially I want to put the current date in a field on another sheet.

I’ve added a relation column in the screen’s sheet, and a look up value but no luck. :frowning:

It doesn’t have anything to do with the lookup column, make sure you are adding it on the right screen, that sources from the sheet you added the relationship.

Thanks! Figured it out with a sample app after your messages! It’s because it doesn’t show up when the relation is set to match multiple relations (which makes sense, the function won’t know which row to set).

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Actually when I saw the wording I thought it was clearing the whole column haha. Hopefully the option will be there in near future.

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Has anybody heard anything further in respect of this issue? Specifically:

“Update Columns action always updating the first row in the sheet when the table is accessed via a relation.”


I do this (update columns in another sheet via a relation), and it generally seems to work.

You can’t see the column that’s being updated, as it’s lower down in the list, so you’ll have to take my word that it’s there :grin:

Although… I have observed one instance where the desired row wasn’t updated (the first row wasn’t touched either). But I haven’t been able to repeat that, so not sure what happened. I’m guessing that there is a very specific set of preconditions that causes the behaviour that you’re observing, but have no idea what they might be. Sorry I can’t be more helpful…


Ok. Super useful. Appreciated. I’ll test my end again later today.

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I can’t seem to get this to work. I think it worked at some point (I might be mistaken).

I am trying to do what @Robert_Petitto did where the list can be picked visually. In my case in challenges, if you pick a challenge, you would be able to click one of the two buttons (they do the same but I was trying two different ways)

@Sandro_Brito…try this:

Thank you Robert. I will try to implement this later

In your case you’re setting the choice per user on the profile sheet. In my case, each user will have many choices as it’s set per challenge.
Does that mean that instead of the email address I have to use the challenge ID to create a relationship?

How I am doing it in a different app is you would need to have one column per row that you’re allowing to select. So if you have an in line list of 15 challenges and you’re allowing them to select all of them, then you would need to have 15 columns in order to except those selections. Not the best development technique, but it gets the job done.