How to change a column value of a sheet while being in another sheet

I am creating an online voting app, in which I have sheet "Online Voting"with the list of candidates and column for Votes. I have another sheet “Voters list” with a list of voters. I first show a tab connected to the “Voters list” sheet and ask user to enter a Voter ID. After checking if the Voter ID is present in the list, I navigate to another tab connected to Online Voting, where an inline list of candidates is shown, and when user clicks on a candidate, the vote column for the candidate is incremented. At the same time, I want to set a value in a column Voted? to true on the Voters list sheet for the voter. But for the action present in the Online Voting sheet, I am not able to refer to the column in the sheet “Voters list” in order to set a value. How can I do this?

You should be able to use a relation to connect the two sheets and set the value through the set column module.

I created a relation, but that relation does not appear in the Set columns action. How do I access the value on another sheet using the Set columns action?


Is it a single or a multiple relation?

I have created it as a multiple relation, but it will work as a single relation also, because ideally there should be only one voter for one voter ID.

Can you change it to a single relation and check if you can find it in the set column module?

Yes, it appears when it is set as single relation. Because, if it is multiple relation, then we cannot access multiple values in a Set Columns, so the logic is fair. Thanks.

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I am using a user specific column for the Voter Id. I am quite puzzled how user specific columns work. If hundreds of users were to use the app at the same time, will each user get a user specific column for themselves, and will the set columns work simultaneously for hundreds of users? The app is a public app.

Yes, they will get their own user-specific cells to input their values. As long as you setup the action right the set column will work correctly.

And, there is no need to set up user profiles, right? Sometime back, I got to know, there is a tweak by first changing privacy options to Sign with email, then set up user profile, and then change back privacy options to Public, which is done for User-specific columns. Does it have be done in order to get my above mentioned idea working?

If an app is Public and a user does not sign in, then a user specific column is only stored temporarily until the app is closed. If they sign in, then a user specific column is stored forever uniquely for that specific user. Having a user profile sheet or having user profiles enable has no effect on how user specific columns work.


Ok. Got it. Thanks.

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