🚀 Set Column Action: Alter a DIFFERENT SHEET'S VALUES!

Thank you so much @Robert_Petitto and @ThinhDinh!

Your tips help with this Login screen with username and password


Got it!!
I did watch the video when you first posted, but because I didn’t have an immediate use case, it didn’t really sink in. This is exactly what I now need. Thanks!

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So clever!

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100% behind you on this. Celebrated prematurely. This could unlock quite a few things. Did you strictly test clearing columns? I didn’t have much fun with relations and when combined with another action (e.g. set columns) things went a little nuts. For some reason the action is always wanting to set the first row and replaces the existing values there.

action 1


action 2

Edit: better visual


Awesome @Rasha!


Maybe I just stumbled on this too?

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@V88 Could be. It seemed to be completing OK but adding values in the wrong place, always defaulting to the 1st row (2).

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Yup. That’s exactly it. When the column in question is accessed via a relation by any chance?

@V88 precisely.

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@Mark do you have this under investigation already?

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Hey @Robert_Petitto !
I have a question:
Does the “Set Column-Clear value” work if the column is user-specific?
In my case, the selected item quantity (“user-specific”) first disappears from the sheet, but then reappears (the values to be cleared remain in the column).

Text from Google translator, I apologize for possible errors

Yes, it should work.

This is the perfect feature which can enable a choice component with Images


So true!

For some unknown reason, my data in the selected column is not cleared.
Apparently, at first they are cleared (goods disappear from the Inline list), but then reappear

I can confirm that this works, as I have a custom action that does exactly this.

The 4 columns being cleared in this example are all user specific columns.

Does “Clear Value” only work on the first line?
My Delivery products have different IDs and when the customer add to cart, increment the column by the product ID. I can only delete the line if the chosen product is the one that corresponds to the first ID.
What do you suggest doing?

@Mark are you able to chime in on this one please? For clarity I think we are seeing the Update Columns action always updating the first row in the sheet when the table is accessed via a relation. I think that @Rasha is reporting the same behaviour. It seems totally repeatable. If you already have it logged then apologies.


Hey guys, am I missing something here? I look at my set columns action and my relation sheets aren’t available as a selection. Any tips on what to look for to enable it?

Is it a Simple relation in the tab you are pullings values ?