Session Token as special value

Hi there, I’m building an a ecommerce app and I really need a value defined the session of an user, available just after the login. In this way I can link the items sold to the session and exclude them from the other sessions of the same user. Moreover the same value could be useful after the payment, to set if the transaction is gone right or no. What do you think about this feature or is there already something similar to do that? Many thanks

There’s a unique identifier assigned to a form but do you think of any cases where it would be user-friendly to send a form every time a person logs in?

Another option for it is an “add to cart” workaround by Jeff here.

Hi ThinhDinh,
off course, it is not user friendly. I mean a special value you can access automatically on every forms, like the email of the user. Id changes each time the user make a login, so it will be linked to the current session.

When he says:
‘In the cart tab you could add a form button to submit the order. It wouldn’t contain any details of the items, but you could go through the sheet, once you get a new order record for a user, and mark all of the items as fulfilled.’,
how can I do two actions? The submit (for example sending an email or creating a new record) and the update of the checkbox ‘fulfilled’?

When I say the “unique identifier” I mean this component.


Have you tried using it?

Regarding what Jeff said, if I do not get him wrong, he means submitting a form containing rows of the order, then manually goes to the sheet and tick them as fulfilled once you actually fulfill the order for the customer.

yes I tried it, but it generates a different Id each time you call it. It is not a global value, as the email user for example, and anyway it needs an action to exist.
I can’t allow manual actions, the flow needs to be independent and autoupdated.

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Yeah I understand about the manual thing, hope someone can chime in with a new idea.