Send users email to the Shopping Cart sales sheet

I realise that once user presses buy, Stripe shows a new form to complete the purchase. However, the user can change the email address there as the box is editable.
I need to know which user bought the item. How do I send the user id along with the buy button so it is stored on the sales sheet.

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I don’t think that’s possible with the current Stripe integration. Unless you use a rowID somewhere in the buy button to relate it back to the user, maybe?

I couldn’t see how that would work as the row ID will be in the product table

This is a valid concern.

You can use a sheet column to combine the rowID with any of your fields (let’s say the title or the description), then split it later when the buy button writes a new row to the Sheet.

In the end, I have abandoned Glide because the e-commerce part isn’t well developed enough. There are many issues eg refunds.

This is something we are looking at too.

On one of my bespoke PHP sites logged in users are unable to edit their email address when passed over to the hosted checkout page on Stripe which is useful because this is their unique user name in our backend system, and the call back from Stripe needs to update their status as paid in our backend.

Is this not the case with Glide?

That presents potential issues if we are targeting the user’s email ID in any of our Zapier integrations, with an email address being the most naturally unique identifier for users.

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