Sending SMS VS Push Notifications to Users

For those who’ve used Twilio, a question to clarify your solution(s):

Are you using Twilio to send to multiple recipients via Integromat? If not, how are you configuring interface to Glide?

While ClickSend does allow multiple recipients via a list, I’m interested in passing to Integromat / SMS a list of recipients dynamically configured on the fly within Glide. So the ‘list’ solution in ClickSend doesn’t look like it’ll work…

Really looking for a pre-configured integration scenario in Integromat that permits SMS single message to multiple (<10) recipients in a single call.

All good suggestions would be appreciated!

OK, you have my attention!

My use case is: dynamically create a list of recipients (<10) in Glide app, then pass these via Integromat to an SMS service. ClickSend and Twilio scenarios in Integromat appear to only allow single number.

So…how to pass a list (maybe Joined List) of numbers via web hook to Integromat and then using Integromat’s Iterator, break this list into separate bundles, each of which is passed sequentially to SMS. Any suggestions?


This is the closest I can find, not sure if it actually does the job you want. I imagine you can split the list of numbers, then pass the resulting array into Iterator.