Sending SMS VS Push Notifications to Users

Well it’s not that it’s better, but rather that Glide doesn’t support app push notifications (apart from those related to the chat component on an Android device AFAIK). So if you want to notify your app user about something important then you have email or SMS (and potentially WhatsApp with a few gotchas). In my scenario SMS works well, although there will be a cost of circa 2.5p (0.025 GBP) per SMS.

As an aside, the lack of push notifications is a general issue for most PWAs right now, not just those created using glide.


OK gotcha!! Thank you! Will look into this then.

Also does this work for iOS? and what information should I be getting from the user to send an MMS or SMS?

It’s just a text message. So just their mobile number.

I don’t need their service provider?

Nope. Not to send an SMS.

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The only downside to this is it is either costly or has a huge delay. I created a free method for this a year ago and listed exactly how to do it 100% free and the SMS is sent immediately.

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ohh will look into this. thanks!

Hi @Drearystate that’s interesting as I see absolutely zero delays. It’s really instant. Can you explain what you were seeing as perhaps it was not configured correctly?

Regarding pricing, my customers just create their own ClickSend account and our Integromat scenario uses this directly. For the typical size of their client bases and the frequency of notifications it seems very affordable.

As a “plus side” the ClickSend dashboard and stats are really useful, plus you can even handle replies to the SMS if you need to.


If you pay for the service then there is no delay but they even tell you theres up to a 5 minute delay otherwise.

Who? Integromat or Clicksend?

MInimal intervals…

That’s for polling? We are talking webhook trigger. Which is instant.

I have had a delay and Im on basic plan. I attempted to use this in place of my notifications before and it still has a 5 minute delay using webhooks. They go into a queue . I don’t know how often you send sms but I have to send on average 4 sms everytime I send.

Ditto. Never seen any delay with webhook trigger. Don’t know how there even could be otherwise “callers” would fail with timeout?

So it ends up sending the 1st one right away then queues the others every 5 minutes. This doesn’t work for me as I need 4 ppl to be notified at a time and instantly.

Strange. I am also sending multiple webhooks with zero delay. I really can’t see it being of much use if you had to wait potentially 30 mins for, say, 6 hooks to fire? The queue is there specifically for webhooks that can’t be processed because your scenario isn’t running. No other reason. The only difference as you start to pay is a larger queue. Maybe you tried this a long time ago? It certainly doesn’t work like that now.

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You may be right. I tried it when we were first able to use webhooks. I paid for different plans to try and see if it worked and I could not get it to work instantly.

Now with that being said, I used triggers within google sheets and not a button to trigger the events. That may or may not be the reason as well.

Also, is there a cost doing it the way you are currently doing it?