Send Weekly updates to users with Make and Glide

Hi there, can some one assist I am not sure where to start?

I am using Glide (noCode tool), Make (tasks and workflows ) and Hubspot (CRM)
I want to send automatic weekly emails to emails on my CRM using data that is in Glide?

See grab below

I was thinking of using Make Schedule (set to weekly)

Then somehow connect to Glide get data and send to people on the CRM list?

From my understanding I can connect to Glide to Make, but not sure if Make can request data from Glide. ie it only has an option to wait from a call from Glide?
Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 12.45.38

P.S. I came across this article, but I don’t think it’s a solve

Which Plan are you on?

That will determine the available options.

“Pro Team”

Okay, I’m afraid that limits your options because you do not have access to the Query API. So you have no way to automatically retrieve data from Glide. I assume you are using native Glide Tables, yes?

If you want a fully automated solution, your only option would be to use something like a webhook to send data elsewhere as it is created, and then process it outside of Glide.

For a semi-automated solution you could build some logic in Glide to generate and send the data out, but it would still require a user-triggered action. Perhaps something you could build into an Admin interface, where an Admin could trigger it.

If you had a Business plan, you’d have more options.


Tx Darren, this makes sense

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