Create recurring weekly events

@JackVaughan I built the Insiders app from scratch just to learn more and I definitely learned a lot more - Thank you! I have a Q. For events (or calendar items in general) is it currently possible via Glide or a workaround to set up a recurring event? For example, if a company has a weekly team Happy Hour and they want that to recur in the inline list, it would be great to set it up once.

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We were talking about this in another thread like a month ago, not sure if anyone has come up with a workaround. We can set up a script to keep increasing the initial day by 7, but the question is where do we stop I think.


Hey @Deena, that’s awesome.

Not natively right now. I can think of two approaches

1) with Zapier - where you create a new event every week with their schedule app. You could do this maybe 6 weeks in advance (so you can always see the next 6 weekly meetings but never have more than 6 listed in advance). More info here and here.

2) - with Scripts as @ThinhDinh says. Not my area though.


Hi @Deena, I had the same type of issue: creating recurring tasks, starting at different dates and appearing according to different frequency.
I built a workaround described below*.
Basically, it consists in converting a starting date into a number in GSheet > make it a template column > link this number with a “year date” > add a frequency.

  • It is a fastidious approach that may be simplified with the new “dates” comparison function, but I don’t dare touching it! It would be better if done by an expert as a “best practise”
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Was this the workaround I recommended to you that has 365 rows? :rofl:

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it eh?


I’ve solved this by calling my Events page “Special Events”. That’s it. haha. I appreciate the workarounds but I’m building something that companies will manage via the app as app admins so I don’t want to use workarounds that are more likely to require my intervention (Like when the admin wants to end recurring event"). This was a very helpful thread - I realize you can do a lot with workarounds but for me it’s a primary goal to build something as simple as possible from a sheet perspective and leverage Glide to manage the complexities. I also want to build low maintenance. I will look for / make a feature request for date and date/time recurrence. I can’t imagine that it isn’t fundamentally important to have this in an enterprise environment! :smiley:


As I mentionned, it started from your reco on 365 rows…
What I didn’t expect when I started to explore this, was that it would lead me to build workarounds#3 on workarounds#2 to have workarounds#1 operating!
My sheet & data editor have become a jump-out-of-the-window database!


@Deena great. Simple is probably better right now.

What are you doing with these apps - templates? work for clients?

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My company,, sells an HR Tech platform to companies that provides solutions for internal comms, performance management, employee engagement, and more. It took my engineers a year and a half to build it out to where we are now. I’m rebuilding a lighter version on Glide, matching or adapting the functionality as Glide permits, to sell as a lighter and less expensive alternative for customers who have a lower budget than our pricing at Brightfox. Each customer will be hosted separately as a PRO app so that we have the strongest data privacy wall and the app will be entirely managed within the app by Company admins. It’s pretty amazing how it’s shaping up thus far. Will share our website for this app when it’s done. I am only on day 5 of working on this - hoping to say I rebuilt a version of our HR platform on GLIDE in 10 days vs. 1.5 years of development. Best part is, my engineers don’t even know I’m doing this-I want to surprise them when it’s finished. :grin:


Fantastic, we’d love to have a chat at some point. Sounds really interesting.

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