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Hi @Robert_Petitto,

With regards to your “date calculation” need in the dataeditor, I might (?) have found a workaround.

At this stage, it works in my app, so if it can be useful for you I would be happy to make my 1st contribution to this so helpful forum :slight_smile:

  • nb 1: the ignition of the idea came from an exchange with @ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager
  • nb 2: I give you the procedure below, and I’m sure that you will be able to make it simpler (as a newbie, I built something quite complicated).

My Use case:
I have a list of standard recurring challenges among which kids will select some (ie. User Specific) >> define a frequency to perform each challenge >> and a starting date.
Then, each day, the appropriate challenge has to be displayed according to this initial setup and Today() 's date.

My need:
GSheet formula would be with a ‘mod’ function on: (“Today” DayNb of the year - “StartDate” DayNb of the year) / (frequency) >>> if it’s an integer multiple (no ‘mod’), challenge is displayed.

My constraint:
Must be User Specific, hence in DataEditor, but no Date calculations were possible… and here started the nightmare!

Implemented 8 steps solution:
(1) In DataEditor: ‘Starting Date’ and ‘Frequency’ User Specific columns,
(2) In DataEditor: template column on ‘Starting Date’ to reset the date format,
(3) In GSheet [datalist] 's sheet: creating all 2020 dates and associated DayNbs of the year; idem with ‘Today()’ formula,
(4) In DataEditor: Relation to link the ‘Starting Date’ of the [challengeSelect] tab with the [datalist] tab,
(5) In DataEditor: LookUp to bring back the DayNbs of the related dates (‘StartDate’ & ‘Today’),
(6) In DataEditor: Maths to do the calculation (Today - startDate / frequency)
(7) In DataEditor: If-then-else displaying TRUE if the ‘mod’ of the division is 0 [calculation to be checked],
(8) In Glide layout: Filter on TRUE in the inline list component … !
[Edit: modification in-progress on the on-boarding of the app, so you may experience difficulties to test the above explanation]

Hope this could be a temporary lead, until Glide enables date calculations.