Recurring Calendar events

Make recurring events or appointments with limitations like start stop

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Would you mind telling us about your particular use case?

In the case of planning weekly meetings one would be able to say this is recurring weekly, semi-monthly or monthly on the same or different days.

So your users are adding meetings from within Glide in your app now? And you want to give them the ability to add reoccurring meetings?
There is no current mechanism to add certain blocks of data. For instance, if you wanted to add customer information, you would ask for: Name Address Phone Etc. and in your spreadsheet would save these inputs in the respective row for that customer. For a calendar event the same thing happens. Nothing happens on the Glide side but to save whatever the user types in to the corresponding row and cell. All the logic of what to do after that is up to you. Are you requesting that the Glide back end somehow interpret an entry and create a bunch of entries into your spreadsheet for these reoccurring style events? Or are you saying that the Glide back end grab a row of data from your sheet and somehow interpret that it represents a series of events and display them on the calendar appropriately?

It could be a column in the event row that specifies how the event repeats. Tapping on any of the repeats of the event would open the detail page for the same row, though, so you couldn’t save information specific to a particular repetition of one event.

The alternative, Glide creating rows for each repetition, would need a lot more deliberation.

hey guys, just wondered if you had any further thoughts on this one as I’ve the same objective.
My situation is a gym app, it currently works by giving all the class details and part of that includes picking a date and time. Then we display this in a cal view. However…

Now the admins realise they post the same class quite often, so now want to still have a cal view but write the class details once and select multiples dates times. Reoccurring would be cool, but another solution I had in mind was collecting multiple dates from a form and then storing them as dates 1, dates 2, dates 3, etc. This get’s them all collected but obviously all under one row, which then doesn’t help for display in a cal.

Any thoughts?

Hi @BigMac and @jesschrist The original post could likely be easily accomplished with a small appscript (google sheet equivalent of excel macros).

The script would detect a form entry for example that contained information relating to the repetitive nature of the event and would then duplicate the rows the correct number of times with the right dates.

Now doing it this way would create separate events now no longer linked and therefore would be open to be edited separately.

Once you start going down the rabbit hole of appscripts the possibilities are rather endless. You could even add some delete function that could alter the group of events even!

Any questions please let me know!

Thanks man, was hoping for a slightly simpler approach, not particular familiar with scripts myself and have no intention for paying for extra support at this stage.

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