Sending Weekly updates?

Still trying to figure out a way to send weekly updates

I can’t do this, as I am on the Maker plan?

Was wondering is there a way to automatically update all the data to Google Sheets daily, then use Make to run daily intervals and extract information from the data?

Any other Scrappy suggestions, as I am building a solution for an NPO and they don’t have budget?

I think your simplest option would be to connect a Google Sheet to your App, and then build the automation using either Apps Script or Make. But then I guess you’ll have update limits to contend with.

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Actually, one possible solution would be to setup an action that does a CSV Export, and run it by “stealth”. What I mean is that every time the export runs, you record the time of the run. Then pick one or more actions that you know users will trigger at least once a day, and extend those actions to check that timestamp. If it’s been more than 24 hours since the last export, then send a new one and update the timestamp. It’s kludgy, and not perfect, but you did ask for a scrappy solution :wink:


I am already using the builtin Glide DB. Is there a way to connect to Google Sheet at this late stage?

I love this, will try it out!