MAKER PLAN details


It’s been a while since I’ve used Glide and it seems like there have been some developments since then. I have a few questions about the Maker plan:

  • It seems that this plan allows synchronization with Google Sheet, right? Does this mean that all my data in my Glide tables can be automatically exported to Google Sheet in real time?

  • No limit on the number of users on this plan?

  • Can we send push notifications without action on the part of the user? For example, an event date reminder.


Yes, that is correct.

Glide tables and Google sheets are separate data sources. You can add a google sheet as a data source to an existing app that uses glide tables, but if you choose the use the google sheet as your data source instead of gllide tables, then you will have to reconfigure all of your computed columns and screens to use different tables. Basically rebuild your app. If you want to use both Glide tables and Google sheets as data sources in the same app, then you would only have to build the parts that will use the google sheet tables.

No limit technically, but they all must use personal emails to sign in. Also be mindful of row limits, so you really can’t have more that 25k users that also have a user profile row.

No. There are no action automations at this time. Everything requires some sort of user interaction. You. an use third part services along with the Glide API, but that won’t allow you to automate any notifications.

Thank you for your detailed answers Jeff

For the 1st point, my app already works very well with Glide tables, but I would need to export the data to a Google Sheet in order to be able to set up automatic e-mailings for reminder dates events (especially if the push notifications system does not work as asked in my 3rd point.)
So I need to export the data on a regular basis (at least daily, or even in real time which would be even better) so that I can configure and schedule my e-mail sendings via the Google sheet, I don’t know not if I’m clear.

Real time would require you to use Google sheets as the data source. Otherwise you’d have to write data to 2 tables every time something changed, which doesn’t seem practical.

Ideally you would use the Glide API to retrieve your data using some sort of third party service or script, but you won’t have access to that part of the API with the Maker plan.

You could use the Generate CSV column or do a manual export, but it’s going to require manual intervention by you or another user.

Long story short, it’s a whole lot easier if your data writes directly to a Google sheet table, or you upgrade to fully utilize the Glide API.

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