Send notification to specific user

Good afternoon all.

I have an issue while using the “send push notifications”
Send to everyone is working perfectly.
BUT I would like to use the other option : send to specific user.

When I go with Custom then 1 email it is working.
But Sadly when I add more and I use the Split text like mentionned in the help button, nothing happen.

In my sheet, the column looks good for me .

Someone has any idea why it is not working?

Thank you.

Try to use the join list of emails instead of the split text

Saldy I already tried.
New column A is a join list and B is a split text. For Join list, I tried with “,” to separate email and with " " but noting works…

Any Others Ideas?

Well, have you checked if those users has the apps installed in their phones and allowed push notifications on?

Yeah sure, at the time I am making tests for myself so on my phone I have notifications and on my computer app I have notifications aswell.
So As I mentionned earlier, when I use " send to everyone, It worked perfectly for both my phone and computer.
Then I tried with 1 specific Email ( the one registred on my phone ) by adding it in the custom area on the “recipient email” line and It worked properly.

The only issue I have is when I am trying to use a list of specific email.

I was checking here, and it works with split column indeed.


I tried Lookup column, Array Column, Joined list, split text and NOTHING is working…

If somebody could help, would be very very usefull!

Thanks community !

Can you reproduce your problem in a video and submit a ticket? Thank you.


Hi, I just did a ticket with a video . :slight_smile:

I have had the same issue since I launched my first app last year. I’m not really sure why, but none of those solutions ever worked for me either…I was able to finally create a work around for the problem, just a fair warning… It’s insanely annoying to set up and is not a long term solution, anything more than setting up 25 users is very time consuming. Once it’s done, it’s done though… At least until you need to add more “slots” for the users emails.

Either way, I’m happy to share the details and steps here if you haven’t solved this by now. @solaire_ICARE