Push notifications won't send to specific users

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Describe the bug:
Push notifications will send to all users, but not specific users

Expected behavior:
After feeding the push notifications “user emails” field an array of specific user emails, the push notifications will not send. I’ve taken the array from a list of user emails that are ‘owners’ of an object from a lookup column.

I’ve also tried taking the lookup column and turning it into a CSV column, then back to an array with the ‘split text’ column.

How to replicate:
Create a button to send a push notification in an object, where the object spreadsheet has an “owners” column which looks up the related users’ emails. Feed the corresponding array into the “user emails” field in the push notification integration, and they will not send.

My app is private, and all users have an email associated with their account.

When I press the “send notification button” in the object, if it is set to ‘send to specific users’, it just doesn’t work. When I use send to all users, it works fine.

I believe that you need to provide a comma separated list of email addresses, not an array.
So instead of creating an array with a lookup column, generate a list with a Joined List column.


Hey Darren! Thanks so much for the response. I tried changing the column into a joined list (so CSV), both with and without a space adjoining the commas and still no dice.

It doesn’t even seem to work when I use a single email column (i.e. have the user send a push notification to themself via desktop)…

Any ideas?


I’ve got the same issue which is quite annoying :frowning:

Did you ever solve for this? I’m at the same point and can’t figure our why my list of comma separated emails isn’t working.