Error when sending a push notification

When I try to send a push notification to a specific user I get this error:


Does someone have any idea why this is happening?? The lookup column has one valid email address, I’ve already checked.

Does the lookup column contain a value? Don’t trust what you see in the data editor, especially if you use row owners in the table that the lookup column is retrieving values from.


I see this. How can I tell that the lookup column doesn’t contain a value?

Does your user table use Row Owners? Is that the email of the user that is currently signed into the app (or the user you are previewing as)?

I do not use Row Owners. I’m using several columns in my user’s table to change the visibility settings of my users (not as safe, but this is meant to be a simple application with non confidential data).

That is the email of a user that has already allowed push notifications and installed the app in his mobile home screen.

I haven’t used the integration, but I wonder if it’s not liking the use of computed columns to get the email. As I understand it, these integrations are handled on the glide servers, but computed columns are only computed on the user’s device.

Someone from Glide would have to confirm if that’s what’s happening or not.

Maybe it’s not reading the array value. Trying using Join List column and then send the push notification?

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As @Hassan_Nadeem alluded to, the Lookup is returning an array. That won’t work - it needs to be a single value. Are you expecting the Lookup column to return several email addresses or just one?

Because you are doing a Lookup on an entire column, it will always return an array, even if there is only one row with a value in that column. Depending on what you are expecting, then yes you probably want to replace the Lookup column with a Joined List column. This would give you a comma separated list of values.


I’m gonna try this, thank you very much!