How do I pass an email (not User) from a form into a Glide table?

Hello, I hope someone can help on this odd question… I am unable to pass an email (that is not the Users email) from one Glide Table to another using a Form with Set Columns. The email in the Source table is in a Computed Column (email is from a Lookup). But I have no problem passing other Computed Column data, such as Text from Template. It seems to only fail on emails. I’ve tried passing to an Email column and a Text column, but it never populates. Could it be that Glide doesn’t allow passing of emails? Or is it to do with Row Owners?

Background: I have Users made up of Standard and Advertisers. When a Standard User enquires about an Ad, I want to use a Form for the Standard User to send their data + the Ad reference to a Glide Table (Enquiry Table) that only Advertisers will see. Included in the Form is some Standard User data + Ad reference + the Email of the Advertiser linked to the Ad. The Advertiser’s email is key because I want to make the Advertisers Email address the Row Owner on the Advertisers’ Enquiry Table. For other Tables in Glide the Row Owner will remain the Standard User.

Are you saying that you can select the lookup column, but the value does not come across? If the table that the relation/lookup is referring to is under row ownership, then there won’t be any data to retrieve if the user is not the row owner.

If you are saying that you can’t choose the lookup column in the form…then I would ask…is the relation, that your lookup is sourced from, a single relation or a multiple relation. Could be that it’s seeing your lookup as an array column instead of a single value column.

Hi Jeff_Hager thanks for the fast reply. I can select the lookup column in the form. Its one email, and not an array, and populates/shows in the ad table lookup column as expected. And the table that the lookup is referring to (the ad table) is not under row ownership. Currently only the User table is under row ownership. But the form is not located there, its in the ad list linking to ad table.

The user needs to send data via a form from the ad table details to an advertiser enquiry table. In the form needs to be the Advertisers single email address (stored in the ad table) to send across to the enquiry table.

Sorry, I’m a little confused. The email is not in the Ad table, but the email is coming from the Ad table??? Can you share some screenshots or a video of how it’s all configured?

I’m assuming you meant that the lookup is receiving the email from the User table. If the User table is under Row Ownership, then only the owned rows will be downloaded to a user’s device. All computed columns are computed directly in the user’s device. If that data is not there, then the lookup won’t have anything to pull from.

Sorry for the confusion. The Advertisers email is ‘in’ the Ad table via the Lookup to the Users table. The Standard user then clicks on an Ad detail, and sends an enquiry - the form selects from the Ad table ad reference data and the Advertisers email.

I just tried hard coding the Advertisers email into the Ad table, and it sends the data fine. So it must be to do with the lookup, and the fact that the User table is under row ownership. But this seems odd that its inheriting the User table restriction. The Ad table is not under any ownership.
If this is unclear, I’ll try to get some screenshots.

The email is coming from the User table. A lookup column is a computed column that is computed directly on the user device. Like I said, if the data is not there due to Row Ownership in the User table, then the lookup will be unable to retrieve that value into the Ad table. Think of a Lookup as a pointer to a value in another table. Not an actual stored value in the table that contains the lookup column. Row ownership is a security feature, so there is no way to skirt around it by using a relation and lookup to the user table.

The Glide data editor is a bit peculiar, because you do actually see all owned and unowned rows. For that reason, relations and lookup do appear to work, but in reality they won’t work on the front end because the data is not accessible.

I think you are misunderstanding. The Ad table is not inheriting row ownership from the user table, which is obvious in the fact that you can still see and access other columns from the Ad table. What’s not accessible is the lookup email that you are pulling from the user table. In reality, the relation is also empty, because there is no accessible user row to link to. That’s why the lookup is also empty.

This is what I would do. If the email can be accessible to any user, then there is no need to hide in the user table (which is under row ownership).

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Thank you Jeff_Hager, though I’ll need to get back to the drawing board you answered my issue!

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