I cannot make it successful to send to specific users with Push Notifications

I am trying to send push notifications to specific users - Group A.
I made actions as images below, but a user who is not in data of Group A also receives the notifications.

What I am missing to set?
I really appreciate your support!

What is “group A” in your example and how are you setting up your email lookup?

Thank you very much for your reply.
This is the data of Group A .

I thought I would be able to send push notification only to these two emails’ users in the table…

I haven’t used push notifications for a while because they’re unstable. Can you try using a joined list of emails instead to see if it works?

Also, make sure the screen you’re using this action is tied to the correct row to use that list of emails.

if you have tried this since Sunday, Push Notifications havent been working properly.

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Thank you very much. I will try these two!

Thank you very much!
I used a joined list and made it!

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Thank you very much for your information.
Now it is working OK and I finally did what I wanted to do.

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