Can we send emails to a list of users? (fail)

Can we send emails using the “send email” action to a list of user? I’ve been trying for a couple of hours to implement a notification email to the users and no matter what type of colum I use it’s only send the mail message to MY email address. I have a list of comma separated email from the users table. I used an array, a joined list, a template, removed the blank spaces and it is NOT working. I even created a webhook and it is only receiving ONE email address, which is my own.

Am I missing some configuration here? Please help.

Can you send some screenshots on how you’re configuring it? I usually just use an array, but if I recall right comma-delimited lists should work.

Yes, there are 2 screenshots, one from the setup of the action (disabled right now) and the other one of several columns that I was trying to use as source. As you can see I also tried using a webhook and you can see that I’m only getting my own email.