Send an Email to All Users

Im looking to send a email to all users when a new Job listing is Posted (New Row is added)

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Probably this would work. You can concatenate a cell that contains all emails in your sheet, using Textjoin.

Use Zapier to trigger the action of sending an email when a new row is added, point to that concatenated cell as the emails to send to.


agree, that’s what I did and it works wonders.

This is not a scalable solution if you use your personal inbox to send emails. I think Gmail has a limit of sending 200 emails in a day from a personal account. I could be wrong. Besides, this could potentially expose email IDs of all users if they are not BCCed.

The ideal (and elegant) solution would be to use an email marketing tool.

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I agree with all of that, Gmail does have a limit in number of different emails you can send to, if I recall right they allow more with G Suite but still a limit.

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I was able to pull the email addresses with text join but when i go to zapier and link the column it says no data… any idea what i’m doing wrong?

Not sure what’s the problem, did you separate them by a comma?