Comma separated emails

Would be great to add multiple emails separated by a comma, so two or three users can share the same data row and be able to edit the same row

Is there a simple workaround for this currently?

How many emails would be in your list? You can do this by having a single column where you type in your comma delimited list of emails, then have a series of columns number sequentially ( Email 1, Email 2, Email 3, etc.). In the Email 1 column, you would use a SPLIT formula in the Google sheet to split the list of emails on the comma delimiter. This would automatically populate each numbered Email column and Glide would treat the numbered columns as a single ‘Email’ array that you can use to set filtering or visibility.

Or you can skip the formula and just fill each numbered email column manually.

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2 emails per row, 3 max. So basically each email in column (email 1, email 2) can share the row

That’s good to know thank you!

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