Create column where I can add multiple emails manually

Hi there,

I want to be able to manually add a list of emails in a row and then display some content if an email is there in the row.
I have created a basic text column type and added two email addresses like “,” but it seems that is not working. It’s recognizing just the first email, it ignores the email after the comma.

Any ideas on how can I do this?

Do you have screenshots of how you are entering it and what it looks like in the table? Are you using carriage returns? Is the problem with the second email not showing in the table, or with the way you are trying to use it afterwards?

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You have a few options.

Not sure what you’re looking to do, but if you’re trying to display content if one of the email addresses is the signed in user, then the visibility condition of the content should be:

Show where (emails column) includes user > email

If you’re attempting to do something different, let us know and we’ll give better recommendations.


Hi, what Robert said will work. If you have a LOT of data, you may want to implement it with Row Owners. That requires your data for those rows be set up in a Google Sheet. Then you can have x number of columns labeled “Owner 1; Owner 2; Owner 3”, etc. In the Glide table, it will be translated into an array called “Owner” for you. Make that array a Row Owner. Then the row(s) will be visible for anyone whose email appears in one of the email columns.

I have done that in an app, and it speeds up the data loading, because only those rows owned by the logged in users (users whose emails are in the array) will get downloaded to the user’s device.

It’s also nice because you don’t have to worry about filters on objects that reference that table.


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