Add more users in one cell

Hi, i want to add more users in only one cell. I need this to filter data by users.

(if the user is in this cell he can see this data)

This cell is Dinamic, i put there one formula that take users from another sheet.

Can i do this?

How are you putting a user into a cell currently? Is it only one user? There is a couple options:

  1. Create an array of columns in your sheet (‘Email 1’, ‘Email 2’, ‘Email 3’, etc.) which will create a single array column of ‘Email’ within Glide to use for setting conditions by signed in user.

  2. The possibly better option is to create a comma delimited list of emails in a single cell. Then use the New Split Texts column to split the comma delimited list into an array of emails. The use that Split Texts column to set conditions by signed in user.

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Hi Jeff,
thanks for your reply.
Now i Have a trigger that puts in one cell (ISCRITTI) all user mail that i want. (comma separated).

But i have a problem whit Glide because don’t read all mail in this cel.
I have set Visibility options like this:


where mail is user column and ISCRITTI is a cell where i have all mail that i want to show this component.

Did you try the second option I offered?

Also, you could possibly do this all within glide using a relation and lookup instead of a sheet formula. Then use the lookup array for your condition. All depends on how you are obtaining the emails and how they relate to the row you are placing them on. Building it within glide would eliminate any sheet formulas and delays and give faster response times.

Sorry, but i don’t understand your options.
I have solved whit one cell comma separated user mail.
I set Visibility

includes -MAIL-

This works for me.


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