I can't use condition in column when user is Anyone

I have a condition for Users, if they have email they see one text in the cart, and if they don’t have email, they should see another text. But if I switch to anyone I don’t see any text at all.
Help me please to find my mistake.

create a row in the Users Sheet that has no value in the email column… Glide will read it as anyone, then the condition will be… if user email is empty

I have such o row, and in the row in the column with condition I have a rigth text.
But in app I see nothing.

give me a moment to test it

it works…

are you using Apps or Pages?

can you show the conditions for that text element… maybe there is a problem?

I use Google Sheets.
Perhaps the problem appeares because I’ve got 2 tables with users. One came Google Sheets and another one is automatically created by Glide.
I’ll will put all users data in Glides table and check it.

no… i see your users are set to google sheets… do you have any conditions on that text???

Yes, all my conditions are in Google sheets table. Thats why I want to transfer everything from this table
to the table Users

no… I’m asking if the text component has conditions, the one that displays your message

O, I see.
No, there are no conditions in the component. Only in the table.

what kind of component is that?


and how do you get data to this text?
ok… i see is from the User profile… you are not on that sheet?
you need to filter the page to a user email and display it directly from the sheet… or filter messages and join them…
anyone does not have a user profile… so you need to filter by empty email

From the column with condition.

O, I see.
I thought about it, I’ll try the filter on the page.

or you can do it in the table:

Thank you, I’ll try it.
I haven’t met Joined Lisrt Type before.

To make a condition for Public (aka “Anyone”) users, use the condition of User > Email > is empty.

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