Send email to filtered users

So i’ve built a way to multi filter my users based on their age and location. Now what i want to do is to send those filtered users an email.

I already know how to use zapier, make etc. I just need to get those filtered user’s email.

How do i do this ?

use google script… is faster and free, join the filtered emails, and set a trigger column with that joined list… then have an onChange trigger to run the script… script will split that value, and send emails

My problem right now is that the filtered list is only shown on the UI, how do i extract those values ?

with traditional programming, we can filter those list on the client side and push them into an array.

But with glide i do not know how to do this.

use Glide table editor, if-else columns, to filter users, and then join column to join the filtered values

okay, so i have users table and i should create a column lets say “selected users” with if-else type.

when i run the filter → i need to find a way to make the “selected users” column checked ?

if yes → how do we automatically check those filtered users ?

no, you don’t check users… example: if user age is greater than 18 show user email
for multiple conditions use multiple if else columns but this time instead of showing the user email… show 1
then use math column to add results… if sum equal number of filters then show user email

i understand how to show the user email on the UI, but how do i send emails to those users that are greater than 18 ?

i need to get only those users data and trigger a webhook → then use zapier to send email from those emails

are you using google sheets?

Put your conditional logic in the table with an IF column. Not a filter. Then you can create a Joined List column to merge all emails into a single column that you can pass with a webhook.

No, i use only glide tables. i’ll come back in a few minutes with a loom video to show what i mean

let me try and come back

if you don’t have google sheets connected (BIG mistake!), then you need to create a webhook like @Jeff_Hager said

Do you have a sample app that you can share regarding this issue uzo ?

yes… many of them :wink:

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I can write specific codes for your issue…