Sending data by email

Hey! I need to send select user data via email, but I need to send all the data (2 columns). How can I do that? Because right now I can only send one last entry from the table
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You can send anything you want… check out this demo app:

I can help you with combining all data from any column or sheet, and arrange them in representable format… text… PDF… CSV… attachments

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It did not help. You need to send user data to different Emails by clicking the button.
Example: there is an employee, every day he creates a checklist and at the end of the day this list should go to a certain manager. Since several tasks are used in the checklist, all of them should be sent, and not just the last one.

yes, this app does auto-responses, when a specific event happened, it has to be set in Admin mode

Firstly, Send Email actions are only supported in Private Pro apps and looking at your screenshot, I assume you don’t have one.

If you want to send emails from different rows (I assume you mean entries = rows), use some logic to combine them together.

Also, please specify if you want to do this automatically or if users will press this button manually.