Segmentation based on boolean

Hello there,

Probably quite an easy one. I’ve got a boolean below our audio sessions to track which users are listening to which audio. If a user listens to a session I would like their email added to a new sheet with a boolean for which sessions they have listened to. I’ve created a relation for the booleans but I cant work out how to pull through their email.

So the flow is:

Someone listens to a session
Switches the ‘has listened’ boolean to true
They are added with their email to a new sheet with the sessions they listened to in columns.

Thanks in advance!


You have to catch that via a Zapier because I assume you’re using user-specific column to store the boolean value. The switch will just record the boolean, not the email.

Hm, Surely there is a way to relate a user action with their email in a new sheet?

Only a form would work like that if you don’t want Zapier, but I suppose you don’t want that flow as well. It’s not UX friendly.

If someone checks a boolean and that boolean is user specific, surely you can record the email of the users who check that boolean?

That info is only available internally for Glide and not recorded to the Sheet.

So as a workaround if when they check the boolean can it be added to a col in their user sheet?

I imagine you can create a template column for each video and a boolean for each video but it’s not scalable.