User Checklists & Progress Reports for Managers


I have run into an issue and I’m not sure which way to take it. I have come up with multiple solutions, but none of them are perfect. So I’d like to share them and see if anyone think of a solution I’m not thinking of or recommendations from your own experience.

So within an employee training & development section of an app I have three levels of training that employees can work through. Ideally they would be able to checkboxes to mark items complete and managers would be able to view progress.

From a user experience vantage point I want them to simply be able to tap a checkbox and mark it complete, so using a Checklist component with user specific column seems like a no brainer.

However, I would like managers to be able to view overall and individual progress, which would not be possible if I utilized a user specific column. Correct? So I could utilize the Collection Item Actions to Add a Row to a log that I could then generate progress reports from. But ideally I would like to avoid that little extra step.

There isn’t anyway to link an action to tapping the checkbox in the Checklist is there?

Another solution I thought of was having a Google Sheet with all of the potential rows as pre-filled log of sorts. Each user (29) would have all the training items (145) with one boolean column to be used with a Checklist. Long story short that would be 4205 rows (29*14=4205). With the use of filters I could use that Google Sheet with a Checklist, users could check their boxes and I could generate reports from the Sheet. I’m fairly new to Glide so I’m not sure if that’s a bad item from a performance stand point. Is 4205 a lot of rows or nothing compared to how others use it? I imagine utilizing Glide Sheets.

I had on more idea which was to use a List that with and Item Click action would toggle a boolean, then with an If-Then column I could toggle between an empty image and an image of a checkbox. That kind of works because it has the user experience of tapping getting a checkmark and with the Item Click I could also add a row to a log from which I could create reports. However, the Collection Item Actions get confusing.

You can see in this image (a standard Checklist) that the items with an * have additional details that can be viewed by simply tapping the carrot.

You’ll see in this image that the items with an * have three dots that users will have to tap and then tap “View Details” and the other items still have a carrot which doesn’t do anything.

I believe in the end I’ll have to decide which is the most important - the user experience that I desire or the ability to generate progress reports. And if I want both I’ll probably have to make some concessions. But before doing soI wanted to see if y’all had any wisdom to share!

I think this is probably the best approach, you just need to refine it a bit.
I would probably do away with the boolean column, and replace it with a list of CourseID’s in the User Profile row. When a User taps the item, that CourseID is added to the list. You could then use a Split Text column and a Multiple Relation in the User Profile row to get a list of completed Courses for each user.

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