Functional Checklist that when checked adds records

I’m having trouble getting the glide app I am putting together to allow a clicked checklist item to properly write into the database where I need it to, and need help determining what I am doing wrong.

I have three DBs powering the app:
Users - contains userID, Name, Profile Photo, Role, Signup Date and Days enrolled
Tasks - I have tasks set for 90 days with the fields: TaskID, Day #, Priority, Task Name, Task Description, and image
Task Progress - contains UserID, DayID, TaskID, Status, Date

Whenever I display the checklist, I can click it to get to the detail page, but the checklist portion of it only writes to the tasks db, when I need ot to write to the task progress db. I tried setting an action to work when the item is checked, but it doesn’t work unless I go into the detail page (but I don’t want users to have to get to the detail page for it to work. This is where I am stuck.

The action does not pertain to the checkbox, so you will not be able to call an action when checking the box. The checkbox is meant to change a boolean value in that current row only. However, the rest of the list item can call an action when clicked. You can change the action on Item Click to Add Row instead of Show Detail Screen. If you do this, I would recommend not using a Checklist style collection and instead use a regular List style collection. The checkbox isn’t going to do you any good with what you are attempting to do. Once the collection style is changed, and you’ve change the default item click action, then clicking on an item will add a row to the other table.

Thanks Jeff. I am still unable to get the full desired effect. I’d like to be able to, when an item in the list is checked, have it disappear and be indicated as a complete item in the view. The problem is, when I set the logic to filter status= is checked, the field that is checked is in the generic “tasks” db, instead of the more personalized “task progress” db… Not sure why, but I don’t have the option to select the task progress db instead of the “tasks” one in the options section.

You may need to explain what you are trying to do in more detail. The best I can determine is that your task table is generic and visible to multiple users. When you select an item, you want to write a row in the progress table as well as hide it from the task table. This leaves a lot of questions that I think you need to answer first.

  • Can multiple people complete the same task? Or in other words, can a task be completed by a second person after it’s been completed by the first person?
  • Do these tasks reset at since point and should become available again after a certain period of time?
  • If a task is complete by a user, do other people need to see who completed the task and when? Or, is that task completion only important to the user and nobody else needs to see it.

I have several thoughts, but the correct solution really depends on your intended use case and goal. In simplest terms, a custom action could add a row to the progress table AND set a boolean to true in a user specific column in the task table, but I’m not sure if that’s the correct or best solution until I know more.