Tracking info at user level

Hi. New Glide user. Had a good play around and look on here but not seeing an obvious way to do what I want best.

The objective is to create an app that acts as a hint system for a game. That’s easy enough but I want to track which hints each person uses as a contributing score to the overall game.
So there might be different hints with different point values. What I need to have is a searchable list of hint descriptions and then you do something (Could be select checkbox for item or select the item) which confirms you want the hint and are happy to pay the price. The hint is then revealed. And then I can aggregate the points for each email ID by grouping by that to get a total.

I’ve got a Public with Emails version which means people are Identified but the only way I can see of recording their choice is to submit a form when they select the hint, which is really clunky. You click once to see the form and then have to click again and all that does is capture your email and which hint you want. Something else would then have to read that data in the sheet and email you a hint. Maybe I can do something with Zapier but not had any experience of that. Also, the Public with Emails is free, which is a big bonus.

I don’t know what difference having an allowed list of emails does - I can’t see from the documentation/tutorials what (if any) other options this gives you to perform based on knowing who is logged in. Note, I don’t need to filter results in the app by user - everyone has access to everything. It’s about tracking what they request.

Also, the system should really remove any hint that has already been selected so they don’t accidentally request twice. But I think I might have an idea on how to do that - if it doesn’t compromise the main above requirement and require multiple actions (which I think you can’t do?)

Anyone got any suggestions? Feel free to ask for clarity if the requirements aren’t clear enough.


For each hint, you may have a checkbox writing to a user-specific column. Each hint has its own cost, you can rollup that cost and then subtract it from the final score I can imagine.

But the users are dynamic. So is it possible for a new user who logs in to trigger creating of a column that is specific to them? And then to update just their column?
What would dynamically create a column for each user?
I’d have thought dynamically creating a row for each user sounds more of a fit but still don’t understand how that would work

For that, you can use user-specific columns.

But what creates that column dynamically?

You don’t need a column for each user, the user-specific column handles inputs from users dynamically already.

OK. Thanks - understand User-specific columns now and have created one that increments with the hint cost for that row when you click on it.
That creates a few new challenges!

  1. They need to receive the hint somehow. If it could just show a hidden column value, that’s fine. But because my action is Increment I can’t do another.
  2. The row should then disappear or be filtered out or at least not cause them to bit hit with the same hint cost twice if they click it again. If we’re displaying the hint in the app then they have to see it.
  3. Because the user column is only in Glide, how do I aggregate their total hint cost and get that to another cell so I can then display in another application?

What I’m thinking is you can use a switch in the details view and link that with your cost and visibility of hint text.

Regarding the cost, why don’t you use the same app for it so we can use rollups for this case instead of bringing them to another app?